Chris' contribution

I was a work experience student who spent 5 days working with the modelling4all team. During this time I tried out most of the tutorials to help debug them, along with helping brainstorm and create some behaviours for a predator prey simulation that they are thinking of taking to a conference and trying out a few models for my own interest.
This document is a text about issues or recommendations that I thought about when working with the software.
Download the notes.

here are the models I have been working on.
This is a modification of the predator prey tutorial, the animals act slightly more cleverly in that the prey flees from the predators and one of the two predators can chase the prey (frozen) (current)

this is a model involving pirates and the navy + treasure and cannonballs. it needs code to make the cannonballs damage the ships, and if someone can make some behaviour code that involves dodging the cannonballs + still hunting treasure or still chasing the pirate ship and keeping some distance (frozen) (current)

This is a simple model of cars which constantly increase in speed over time that I used to make a debugging tutorial (this is the fully functional version) (frozen) (current)

hope these help! long live modelling4all.

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