Confusing Thing

I started off with the epidemic game maker today, it was nice to be able to choose difference ways to control the epidemic and comparing results to other results that were left to run their course. I found that the setting on the game that made the infection spread randomly quite annoying although it is a good setting because it seemed to go much better when i wasn't doing anything. However, the setting is good because the results would be different each time which would make it more realistic.

I also tried out the predator-prey game today which I really enjoyed because i got to choose silly pictures to go with my creatures (sheep - die, Wolves - cactus, rabbits - fish) but doing this made the model very confusing as programming things which don't match with their pictures can be complicated meaning that more mistakes can be made. I made it so that one creature eats another creature which eats another creature which eats the first creature, i have also made them reproduce every 10th time period thing and created a graph to show what happens

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