Crazy Ants

I have been testing on NetLogo ants and have been trying to see what is the quickest way to get all the ants to eat the food.

What i did was stop the timer when the last ant with the food got to the nest and my results where quite astonishing.

My results times where continued with the same result for 4-5 tests.
I had result times from 776 to 971 and to 620 that where continued in my results.

i did get some very close times that where close to beating my best but the where just running over.

This is my best result:

Population: 200
Diffusion rate: 25
Evaporation rate: 4 = Time: 495.

If you can beat that time please email me what your population, diffusion rate and evaporation rate was at ku.oc.liamtoh|3991oen#ku.oc.liamtoh|3991oen.

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