• Looked at Modelling4all.nsms.ox.ac.uk
  • Learnt about "BehaviourComposer" and its uses
  • Looked at a model called "Ants" and tryed to describe what was happening in the model
  • Looked at a model called "Virus" and tryed to describe that too
  • Went to a model called "The Epidemic Game" from the homepage of Modelling4all's website and changed some of the behaviours etc
  • Started using sugarscape and tryed to create my own version, it wasnt successful so i started trying to get a previous version to completely fair stats

Later on I started making my own model:


In my model i was trying to just make a few prototypes that would run around completely avoiding each other. Although i faced a problem where first i managed to load up the first prototype fine, then i decided i wanted to change some behaviours with it. After i did that none of the later prototypes or that one would load and the whole model would stop responding, even after many reloads and changing the order of the behaviours it still didnt work.

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