links for eduserv meeting

Demonstration of embedding a model

The model java applet is embedded in a wiki page along with a Google Groups discussion thread.

A lesson that uses the Behaviour Composer

An external web page can be created and 'brought into' the Behaviour Composer web context so that buttons are recognised that for instance create and initial model, add micro-behaviours at each step and so on.

Also includes an online form that feeds into this online spreadsheet.

Borrowing ideas from how open source projects are supported by the web

Google code as a source of ideas. Compare it with a very rough draft of the Modelling4All Site (graphic design coming soon).

Modular diagram of the behaviour composer embedded into a collaborative environment

Embedding the tool within a social network

There are a wide variety of networking tools that people seem very keen to sign up to and use to 'socialize, with Facebook perhaps leading the charge at the moment, but others like Orkut might emerge as more popular with modelling communities in the future. While it seems that the use of facebook is largely recreational there is no reason why groups cannot be created to help people introduce themselves to others. This facebook group simply provides links to other collaboration tools and the behaviour composer.

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