Matyas' Report

Modelling4All overall is easy to use. It has many tutorials, including a video, that show you how to use this piece of software. It's straightforward and I got the hang of it quick quickly. The video helped me the most, but it isn't well promoted, so newcomers to the site probably won't find it straight away. Modelling4All is great for beginners at modelling. It also provides a few exercises in which you can recreate an epidemic, an ecosystem or building Sugarscape models. All the scripts are already given to you, which is good, but if you wanted to get into more depth, it would be nice to have a part which explains you the principals of writing scripts and programming.
I really enjoyed working on this site. It allows you to do many things. This is my recreation of an epidemic using the site.
And many other models can be reached here:

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