OUCS 2010 (O.P)

During my time at OUCS I worked with the modelling group.

These are a couple of the models I did:
This model is the one I completed. It's a sugarscape model. I'm quite proud of it. It isn't the best model educationally, but it's a nice and simple one to make (if you follow the instructions) and turned out pretty good.

This one I didn't finish. It's one I made up. It was going to end up as a little game-thing where you have an adventurer going through a cave to get a treasure. It starts of with sliding doors.

Making these models was actually quite simple! The instructions were clear enough. The only one that was difficult was the ecosystem one where you had prey and predators. The only problem was the errors that kept cropping up!

As an educational device I think that modelling is good if you are on a show somewhere or doing a presentation and you have already made the model specifically for that event. It's less good in a classroom due to the fact that it is hard to gage how well a class have learned something, so a model isn't always necessary. However, if the models are in an easy program to use and downloadable off the internet ready-made, then I think they could be a very good thing for a teacher.

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