To Do List


  • Proof read
  • Get Blog RSS feed onto website
  • External links on Community Page
  • Make it obvious what people should do when they go to the Behaviour Composer e.g. 3-steps to seeing what it can do: (1) Build a simple model (2) Try a tutorial e.g. Sugarscape (3)

* Fix typos on community page
* Make it easier to see that the community tools are links
* Work out why eduserv icon gets a dark thick orange border on the about page
* Fix figure 1 and 2 captions on about page


  • All uncompleted pages e.g. Getting Started

* Complete main pages referenced from home page


* Appearance
* Clear old conversations

Issue Log

  • Update status of all issues e.g. close items that are completed

* Tidy
* Minimalise


* Tidy
* Minimalise


  • Re-do existing tutorial and make new ones
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