The modelling4all tutorials are currently under development.


The tutorials will be collated within the modelling4all youtube channel. The project team will create tutorials, and will add other people tutorials to the channel if they wish.

How to make tutorials

Configure Camstudio

Camstudio is free software which can be used to create video tutorials to a good quality. Unfortunately when you download the software it is not configured so that it can be used to make screen capture movies that can be uploaded to movie sharing sites such as youtube. Here are some settings that can be changed to get to this stage:

  1. Download and install DivX codec (free version): http://www.divx.com/divx/
  2. Download Camstudio: http://camstudio.org/ (scroll down the page to find the links)

The open Camstudio to configure it:

  1. Options - Video options:
    1. Select DivX codec
    2. Change Quality slider to 100
    3. Capture frames every 33
    4. Playback rate 30
    5. Press Configure Button and change the Bitrate in this dialogue box for DivX to 256
  2. Region - Fixed region
    1. Width 640 Height 360 (wide screen)
  3. Options - Cursor options
    1. Configure so that the cursor is easily visible

There may be other settings you want to change e.g. if you want to record sound. The easiest way to learn more about configuring camstudio is to type "camstudio" into a youtube search and find a useful movie (e.g. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ZqfP6myd3s&feature=related)

Record movie

  1. Write a simple script to follow that can be used to create a short movie
  2. Follow the script taking care not to move through it too fast so that people cannot easily see what is being illustrated, or too slow so that they get bored.

Share movie

  1. Create an account in youtube (or another movie sharing website)
  2. Upload movie file

Create and add captions to movie

The http://www.overstream.net/ website (along with other tools) allows you to easily add captions to a movie. All this site does is create a text file with a specific format that for instance the youtube software knows how to 'parse' to display within a movie.

  1. Watch tutorial on how to create captions: http://www.overstream.net/tutorial/demo2.html
  2. Create an account at overstream and login
  3. Press link "Create overstream": http://www.overstream.net/author.php
  4. Use this interface to create captions file
  5. Divide up script into 3 seconds sections and write captions for each
  6. Export captions file
  7. Upload subtitles file to movie at youtube
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