Creating video tutorials

This is the process I use to create video guides:

  1. Decide on a theme for the guide, write a draft script to follow, share it with colleagues (e.g. using a wiki), get ideas, review and finalise.
  2. Rehearse going the script using the BehaviourComposer
  3. Prepare the browser to start recording e.g. zoom text-only, remove customized features such as book marks toolbar to increase screen real estate available to demo
  4. Set up to make sure the size of recording area is as small but sufficient and the microphone is working (you'll need to record in a very quiet room e.g. without road traffic and air conditioning). Do some test recordings.
  5. Once happy with a recording (you'll probably have to try a few times) download the movie as a .mov file ("save as .mov")
  6. Log into account and upload the .mov file filling out relevant fields so that it can be found easily through web searches etc
  7. Add the .mov file to an online 'channel' or web page e.g.
  8. Export video to other databases/ filestores that can give a long-term URL to the movie e.g. an institutional VLE
  9. Post these long term URLs aggregators such as iTunes to alert more people to the movie.
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